Monday, 7 November 2016


Tomorrow is going to be a really very memorable utterly shithole of a day for somebody.

The only reason that it is not miserable today is that today is Monday.

Tomorrow however is Tuesday and that can be made devastatingly awful.

I am focusing today on trying to make tomorrow better. Not today. All focus is on tomorrow.
I cook, clean, write notes, send encouraging text messages, fold laundry, vacuum and prepare for the rest of my life. We need to be strong and prepared. Tomorrow is going to be awful.

This evening our friend is by her dying mothers side. Tonight her brother will be there.
Tomorrow her mother will be gone.

Today I am focusing all my might on trying to make tomorrow a better day.
I go write an assignment for my studies. I will mend a sock. I will bake a cake.

Anything to improve on tomorrow.


  1. Sorry for your freind's pain, i hope there will be better days.

    1. Thank you, there will be better days, but it will not be tomorrow. Most certainly not tomorrow.

  2. It will be awful, but it will pass as time does. We can't stop it. Sorry for the hurt and awfulness.