Monday, 5 December 2016

Address Book

I used to start a new address book every time I moved counties, and sometimes even when moving cities.

Then the electronic revolution started and I was the crazy person who still kept an address book.
Now I am the odd person who still know the physical address of people.

In my attempt to keep up with friends and family, I try to send cards for new-years. There are less and less physical cards sent out with every year. Mostly this has to do with the decline in family members.
But it also has to do with more and more people being in a continuous stream of interaction through different social media channels.
Those will get electronic greetings and wishes for a happy new year.

However, it is the people in between that need the attention. The social-media haters (of which I know several) who also does not communicate via email continuously (some of the social-media haters) and who still really love being in touch. Some of them I also want to stay in touch with.

(Not all. Seriously, if you are blasé and jaded about your friends trying to stay in touch with you, if you not even show affection or interest when they do, even if you are depressed and unemployed, and especially if you do not ask advice or comfort in said sad circumstances - seriously, you will not get a card this year.)

(You know who you are!)

Last year I found holiday cards in a free trade bucket. This year, my storage of suitable or even unsuitable winter cards are so low that I have bought cards.
I bought a pack of winter photographs from where I live. Uncommented so I can add the appropriate greeting for the appropriate holiday the person is celebrating (Between the pagan, Jewish and atheist friends, there are few appreciative recipients of Christian cards in social circles.)

The address books all came out. I will to merge one into another.
I will continue to use the address book from the previous country and add the old and the new addresses into it (plenty of space). I will do that now while I do the send out of the cards.
And the old address books will go into the memo-box for safe keeping.

Now I can start with those cards...

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