Saturday, 31 December 2016

Clothes bought 2016

I have kept an eye on the amount of clothes bought in 2016. It should be nothing, just as 2015 should have been nothing - but just as 2015 was NOT nothing, neither is 2016. 

Before we went on our 2016 adventure to Ireland I bought a new pair of hiking boots for €70, a sun hat for €1, cheap rain clothes for €11 (which were worn out in days and thrown out almost immediately) and three pairs of new hiking socks for €7 (always take new socks on a hike). 

I have also bought two t-shirts for €6, a pair of 2nd hand rain trousers for €6,50 (an emergency buy) and a new 3-season jacket for €40. All of these have been replacements for things thrown out and all essential items (except the t-shirts I suppose). 

The last month I have also gone mad and bought the following items on my wish list: silky pyjama €10, fleece winter hat €1,50, black jeans €25 and brand new high quality brand of rain trousers on a 60% off sale for €45 (same brand as the beloved rain jacket and a brand that really never goes in sale).

I have also got clothes for free: 
A hooded sports shirt I paid for with gift cards (thus since I did work for the gift cards, just as I work for money, it was not truly free), a t-shirt from our Irish adventure (included in the tuition fee so not entirely free either) and then two heavy cotton knitted sweaters the trash gods gave me from a pile of stuff thrown out. Wonderful quality, does not look even used and fits really well. 
Those were truly free and truly recycled. 

In total this makes €223 spent on clothes and shoes during 2016 : or €70 on shoes and €153 on clothes. Since I budgeted €10/month for clothes and shoes for 2016 this is WAY over budget - but I will not beat myself up for it. But I will adjust the budget for next year.


  1. That is a big spend for you! The more expensive things: boots, jacket, rain trousers and jeans - all seem like good purchases.

    1. Very big spend indeed but I expect to not have to repeat them within five-ten years.