Saturday, 3 December 2016

Green gloves

This is a story of how I work my "items in storage" and "using things up" over time.

In 2010, when I stumbled on ERE and the rest of the frugal community and forced my savings into over-drive to make myself financially independent, then I had a pair of green gloves.

Knitted, synthetic, unglamorous and unflattering gloves in a shade of green that was somewhere between neon green and apple green. They fit on my hands and in my pocket, they were silly and made me smile when wearing them in grey continental Europe. In 2010, they were already several years old.

When I made an inventory of all cloves and mittens earlier 2016, they had a hole in them and were to be thrown out. I lied in that post though, I did not throw them out. I mended them. Used them, washed them and put them back with the winter clothes in spring. I think I may even have used them during the summer adventure.

When it got colder this year, I wore them together with the black 1 € gloves mentioned in the post above. During the weeks of last winter when I needed double gloves, or even gloves at all, they were worn out. They were made of a fleece sort of material and I had mended the seams several times. When the fabric gave up, they were trashed unceremoniously.

In my life it is the bicycle handles that cause the death of gloves and mittens.

The green gloves were kept and taken to use again as the weather got colder this year.
It only took a few weeks before they need another mending.
I decided to treat myself.
Anomaly, anomaly. 
I am not going to mend the green gloves again.
They have been trashed, equally unceremoniously.

I am now the proud wearer of a very nice pair of brand name hiking gloves that I found in the spring of 2011 in a trash heap. They fit perfectly, look very nice and are slightly thicker than the green gloves.

Total glove budget 2010-2016: 0€
Lesson: Don't minimize and get rid of things you still can use just because your affluent lifestyle have made you accumulate too many. Use one at the time until it are worn out (under the condition that you like them) and then take out a "new" item.

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