Sunday, 4 December 2016


Ever since 2014, I have had a buying ban on jackets.

I had all the jackets I needed.
In 2013, I even spontaneously bought a wonderfully pretty and cheerful rain coat that I didn't need. It still makes me happy but I don't use it much as it fills a need I very rarely have. (How often to I walk prettily in the rain? It isn't suitable for hikes, bikes or for any kind of physical activity. But when we go for slow Sunday walks in the rain, I could look pretty. This does not happen near enough often to create a need to buy a special rain coat.)

since 2014 the only jacket that has been bought is the rain jacket. After a long and elaborate process, it was finally bought in 2016.

I had to lift the ban on buying jackets recently.
The most beloved brown three-season hooded jacket from 2008 that fit like a glove and suited all occasions, died. The zipper broke earlier this fall and although I bought a new zipper in a close enough colour at the market for 1€ (a fantastic price for a long double-ended jacket zipper!) to put it in, it is not possible to save the jacket.

When I started removing the old zipper from the beloved brown jacket, the fabric breaks.
Even if I am ever so careful, I am unable to remove the zipper without ripping the fabric. I also found out that the zipper has been included in the button-holes and even if I can get the old out, it will be very difficult to find room enough to put the new zipper in.

I may still give it another try.

But with the cold weather coming and the fall jackets arriving in the shops, I went for a look-out.
I found it. On the second try.
The jacket of jackets to replace the most beloved jacket.
The beloved jacket is roomy enough for an extra sweater under.
The colour is unfortunately black but the price was fantastic. I joined a shop-club for five minutes and got another 30% off. I even remembered to de-register the day after.

The jacket is wind-proof and rain-resistant (absolute musts for Northern Europeans without a car). It has both zippers and buttons (yes, same problem if I need to replace the zipper).
It is not too warm as I will use the winter coat when the real cold hits me - most probably because I travel north.
It has a hood that fits well and stays on when cycling. The sleeves are long enough (but I use warm extension sleeves underneath anyway). 
The jacket has a coat model so it is long and goes down over the thighs a bit. Good for extra warmth.
Ideally, it could be a little longer as I am very tall but the proportions works which is the most important.

So I now that I have bought a jacket - I have a new ban on buying jackets.

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  1. The new one sounds ideal; I'm sure you will use it in all 3 seasons as before.