Monday, 19 December 2016

Lights cont.

We have 19 sources of light in the house, not 18 as I previously said.

I have been out of the country and into the next one for a few weeks, causing damage to the reputation of heavy industries (aka my job) while working very hard and long and sleeping very little. I have met friends and colleagues which is always lovely, but otherwise well earned my salary.

Meanwhile, the man went into his closet.

Then he came out of the closet.

And announced that the light in his walk-in closet was really wonky and needed to be replaced.

So while I was away, he removed (having to use a saw which sounds odd but not being the one doing the job, I have no objections) - anyway, he removed the old light fixture and put in a new one.
This is the new one.

We now have 19 safe sources of light in the house - including the fairy lights which all are out of the closet for the winter festivities.
We know we have 19 safe sources of electric lights because they have all been checked and cleaned.

Next project to tackle is to look at all light switches, electrical outlets and of course, as always in winter time, the fire alarm.

Do make sure you check the fire alarm (and have one, perhaps also a carbon monoxide alarm if you have fireplaces or gas heating).
To die saving ten or twenty Euro on simple safety equipment is possibly frugal but silly.

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