Tuesday, 20 December 2016


Tomorrow is winter solstice in the northern hemisphere.
On 21 December it all changes.
It is one of the earliest winter solstices possible.

It never gets darker than it is today. Tomorrow, truly, it will be brighter.
Winter is not over but the tilt of the earth's axis will start turning us closer to the sun.
The nights is never longer than tonight and by tomorrow it will look brighter.

Not by many seconds in the north but it will be changing.
A little more light will appear by every day. The nights will be shorter.
Turn your face to the sunshine. It is coming back. 

If you live closer to the equator, you may not be aware of the change the solstice's brings.
The release, the relief, the slight relaxation of the shoulders.
Up in the north, and even north of where I come from, this is the real event of winter.

Burn a log, do a naked dance, copulate, plan your garden, eat a lamb, light a candle - 
do whatever you feel comfortable with.
But take a moment to thank universe and nature for not giving us longer nights and darker days than today.
Tomorrow all will be better.

Winter may not even have arrived yet, but the light is reappearing.

People of the southern hemisphere have nothing to celebrate today, it all turns for them too but not in a good way. Most probably they do not care, busy as they are with sunshine and warm weather.


  1. Replies
    1. Possibly, but with a lot of optimism for the brightly sunny future! :)

  2. For Solstice today, our sunrise was 07:48 and sunset will be 16:37. More daylight will be nice...

  3. Happy Solstice! Your suggestions about what to do today sound wonderful! None of them will happen in my pathetic life, but I can dream of such things.

    1. Let's all dream for a little flickering light from a candle in the dark to drag us through the darkness... Ah, we are a miserable bunch in winter, aren't we?