Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Spare keys

It happened.

The most reliable friend in our group of acquaintances, whose spare keys we have, locked herself out.

She called quarter to ten on last Friday morning, when I was wide awake and the man barely so, and neither of us were out of pyjama, asking for her spare keys. (We do not work Fridays.)

Because we are mean people (or just sleepy), we made her come to us for the keys. By the time she arrived, we were dressed, showered and had coffee made.

Then the problem arose.
Which spare keys where her keys?
There were several identical types of keys and honestly, who will know the profile of one key from another in a bunch of identical keys?

We gave her the whole bunch and she walked home and got in so she could get her bike and go to work. (Yes, we are all working odd hours and mostly as little as possible for as much money as possible so that we can live life like this.)

This means that when the bunch of spare keys are returned to us, we have a task to do.
Whose keys are whose and of course - are they still current?
They need to be individualised and tagged.

I also have a sneaky suspicion that I heard that another set of friends whose keys we also have, said something about changing one of their locks not too many years ago.

That means we may have an old set of spare keys for some people. 

This spare key project will be a little task to carry out when we go visiting our friends for the upcoming winter festivities.
(While we also ask those who have our keys,  if they know where they are.)

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