Saturday, 24 December 2016


I have tried to learn how to make a good decent sponge cake.
Or relearn.. After all, I ran the student cafe at my student club for three semesters. Baking everything.
A long time ago and I remember nothing.

After changing the flour, the baking powder, experimenting with soda, discarding one recipe deciding on another, changing the baking trays, trying muffins, varying with raisins (soaked in alcohol, or not, and powdered or not), I have produced some truly failed sponge cakes.

But they are coming along, and if I can just find better muffins paper (refusing to buy a muffins tray as I would need three and this is all a fad anyway) they will be very - lekker, as the Dutch say.

I stick to one recipe that I slowly am learning by heart and understanding the variations of.

I did the same with meat balls and meat loaf a few years ago. Now I confidently can produce very nice meat balls with very little stress.

I will bake a batch of each for the old year party, taking place the evening before with celebratory anticipation of the new year.
That will my next festivity. I have childhood trauma with today and the next coming days. Actually, I think it is fair to say I dispise Christmas the way it is celebrated in the western world and in Scandinavia especially. I would be happy to join the league against Christmas. If there ever really was a war on Christmas I would consider volunteering, but probably could not be bothered enough to tell people how to live their lives.
But I do not participate.
Only John McClane hates Christmas more than I do.
Except Hans Gruber.

Oh I miss Alan Rickman!


  1. I wish, I could be over the Christmas...But no! Oh well few more hours.