Monday, 9 January 2017


Just like last year, we are planning an adventure this year.
Something we will need to prepare for, something we need to save for, something that will be a fantastic experience while we do it and something we can look back on in the years that comes and think: Oh yes, 2017, right - that was the year we did that!

Something that beaks up the monotony of the regular life.
Something we can do because we have saved and prepared and planned for our lives to be independent, free, and with a frugal lifestyle.
Something we PAY for by not indulging ourselves, by not buying anything, by never wasting food (ehrm), never eating out, never a lot of things, and don't you dare pretend you can not do the same, if you really put your mind to it and really wanted it! But your dreams may be different than mine.

Our planning has been going on for several weeks if not months.
Our dreaming has been going on for years.
It was probably the first thing we talked about doing together when we met. I was then just going there for work and the man had just been there on vacation.

The planets, stars and clients have now finally aligned.
We have a month available for adventures in February. I will continue to work my 4 days a week, possibly with a vacation day a week. My bosses and projects do not - for a while - care where I am as long as I can get online for my work assignments. The man who just ended one project and has another one contracted for a month later. This ensures the financial continuance of our frugal lifestyle but there will also be reductions in the monthly spending and some use of savings.

The adventure includes culture, food, museums, books, water, hills, history, language studies, art, cooking, outdoor activities and much warmer weather than in either of our counties in February.
We might double our spending for a month but the result will be unforgettable.

We have just rented an apartment in Lisbon for a month and booked the flights.


  1. That is so nice.Have a wonderful month.

    1. Thank you so much, we are really looking forward to it.

  2. Bravo - you will love it!

    1. It is a wonderful town indeed, and the people are great. We both have loved our visits there. Now we go together and make a normal life for ourselves for a while.

  3. Replies
    1. Enticing is indeed the word. And a little scary, but not much.