Monday, 30 January 2017


I own 34 bags. (Thirty-four bags (!!!) that is a shockingly large number!):

3 soft large travelling trunks (think ice hockey bags but smaller, about 60 litre or so); one with internal wheels. (I really only need one but since I use them to transport things between countries so they all get plenty of mileage in a year. Except the one with wheels as I really do not like luggage that weighs more than necessary!)

1 soft weekend bag (approved as hand luggage with most airlines; bought 2006 in Madrid at an emergency and by now thoroughly worn. It is still fully operational and it will not be replaced until it falls to pieces. Best buy ever. Brand name: Gabol)

1 messenger/bike bag (used everyday the last eight years, no brand, bought for €10 on an outdoor market in Brussels I think)

1 soft 25-litre backpack (at least 25 years old and high quality)

1 50-litre hiking backpack (bought 2008 with money gifted from work and excellent quality. Can hold everything I need for a week in the woods.)

1 double-sided bicycle bag (cheapest possible and gifted from somebody who got better ones. Good enough for me and my once-twice a year bicycle trips)

1 soft fabric handbags (that I never use and I could get rid of but then I might one day just need to go somewhere where messenger bag or back pack isn’t suitable).

-1 faux leather plastic handbag. When I dug it out it had melted into itself in storage and destroyed itself. (I took off the little tassels, label and buckles for possible reuse in some other creative project before it went to suitable waste treatment.)

1 black silky clutch bag. (It was my mother’s from the mid 1950s. I have not used it since about 1988 so it has gone a bit stiff and cardboard-y. But it stays. Just in case.)

1 small black backpack (the only other handbag that gets any use. Because of the safe closure, I use it for concerts, markets etc.)

1 lightweight foldable 20 litre backpack (bought as an emergency buy in Scotland around 2007 and the cheapest hiking bag available. Been everywhere and still does its job perfectly.)

1 foldable nylon travelling bag (Probably bought in the US in the early 1990s as a bag for excess luggage. Comes with me on international travels, but rarely gets used)

1 fabric banana bag (previously known as banana bag or fanny pack. Bought 1989 in the US and although not water proof, all the bag I need in this style.)

1 small 1970s camera lens bag used as cool handbag when stylish or trendy (not nearly often enough, could possibly be donated.) 

3 soft wallets used a lot (in childhood, during teens and in Guatemala. Cannot get rid of – yet)

2 soft pack bags/shoe bags (one from UNICEF, one from a Spanish soup manufacturer. These really do not get out as often as they should to merit their existence. )

2 laptop sleeves/bags (one does not fit my current laptop, the other is too heavy to walk around with as a non-yuppie. Expensive stuff, gifts from previous companies. Could probably be sold.)

7 strong shopping or carrying bag, tarpaulin styled fabric (two are blue IKEA bags, the rest varying supermarkets or campaign. Extremely durable. (Did you know that yellow IKEA bags are never sold. They are for use within the shops only and if seen outside, they are stolen.)

at least 5 fabric shopping bags, (counting off the top of my head 1 blue nylon, one black Danish, two red UVA, one black something branded; The lightweight blue is used all the time, never forgotten).

I have not included pack-bags used for camping, toiletries bags or book sleeves bags.

Maybe 35 bags isn't so many after all. How many do you have?


  1. I think I have six or maybe seven. Maybe eight.

    1. You are, as always, an inspiration. (Unless it is "Maybe twelve, maybe fifteen, but I have not seen most of them since the Leif Redbeard ruled the land."?