Sunday, 1 January 2017


For our New Years party, we played board games.
Or as the Dutch call it old years party (oude jaars feestje). The new year party is today, on New Years Day - and it started one minute past midnight. We went to bed when the children went to bed, about 2:30 am. I had a nap yesterday and pumped myself up with cold medication and pain killers for the evening. I was still a snotty, snivelling, bacteria infested cold patient but at least I was up. After dinner and board games, we went to friends living higher than us and with a balcony to see the fireworks and drink pop - fizzy alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks according to choice.

Before that, we played all the board games we have in the house as usual. We have them, we don't buy them but we enjoy the ones we have. We never get through them all however and this year we did not play chess or Go. These will hopefully be played today (after sleeping through the traditional Garmich-Partenkirchen ski-jumping) and before eating left-over cabbage and cheese. (Both the ski jumping and the sleeping is traditional European activities today.)

I lost the board game competition this year. Very narrowly I lost both Trivial Pursuit (1992 edition, Dutch version), and Rummikub. But I won very convincingly Fia med knuff (Mens erg je niet-version) and Vänd-åtta. It was my early lose at Backgammon that did it.
I never recovered from that.

We dusted off all games and got rid of one that neither one of us wanted to play, even after a bottle of wine. It is honestly such a sad excuse for a game, we are going to throw it out rather than donating it. Nobody should have to waste time on it.
And we have some more space on the shelf.


  1. Yesterday for "old year on the way out" we went to a board games cafe and learned to play a bunch of new games. We have some at home we never play, though. My current favourite is Blokus.

    1. Oh, that is a good idea! I have not done that in a long time (looking up game shops in my neighbourhood). And there are some games I want to play, without necessarily needing to own them.