Tuesday, 31 January 2017


I still live with my capsule wardrobe.
That is, I still only wear the clothes not put aside for the future, but rather the clothes that are a little too sad or worn and should be worn out, out of the wardrobe. 

The conclusion after three weeks, or the months since I started using and packing away the good clothes, is that it is a little boring.
A capsule wardrobe is boring.     I feel boring.
I never knew how much I expressed myself through clothes until I started living with a very small amount of clothes.

I now have four sweaters, four pairs of trousers (of which I can leave the house in two pairs, and I just put paint on one of them!), six t-shirts and two tops. And two pairs of pyjamas. I started with more but I am slowly wearing through and out stuff.
Some of the clothes have even become new favourites.
We do laundry every week right now so it works out to only have one weeks worth of clothes.

I have had dreams of buying clothes but only once have I had a drama moment of blindness in front of the wardrobe: "I have nothing to wear."
(I did, that has never been the problem.)

What I miss is variety. Variety in colours primarily. The left-over wardrobe is a bit grey, white and black. The little red tank top gets a lot of wear, even if I am the only one who knows it is under there.
Maybe l should go for colourful underwear and less white in the future? On the other hand, I like wearing white. I have for years. It suits me. I think. (And by now, I can take a tomato stain out of any material.)

It is interesting that some clothes wears mostly in the fabric. It stretches, creases and looks sad and very worn at the end of one days wear. Although it does not necessarily need to be washed, water is the only way to put the bounce back into the fabric.

I will stick with the capsule wardrobe for at least another week. Maybe I can eliminate another garment in the coming days. By next weekend I plan to put the clothes of the future back into the wardrobe with the remaining capsule items. And after that - I pack about a weeks amount of clothes into a big soft bag and go on an adventure for a month.

(And as there will be NO CLOTHING available in Portugal to fit my Scandi body, the clothing part of the budget will continue to be zero for the year.)

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