Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Clothes left for 2017

After the project where I used everything in my closet 
and the pieces that fit, is of good quality and I like, went into a shelf
- the worn out went into the trash
- and I am left with this:

The wardrobe is 45 cm wide and the four shelves contains sweaters, t-shirts, tank tops, pyjamas' and a box each with socks and underwear of all types.

Not shown is a hanging row of shirts and office jackets that really could benefit from the same attention but isn't included in this phase. (It is my project, I make up the rules for me! Do your own project if you want other rules!)

I thought about these clothes as "left over's". It sounds however a little sad so I think I will change the terminology into: Capsule wardrobe.
Much more frugalist, minimalist and catchy, isn't it?
Everybody is supposed to want a capsule wardrobe.
Some throws most of their clothing out in order to get it.
Some may even throw everything out to start from the beginning.

Well, I have it, a capsule wardrobe. It contains three pairs of trousers, five sweaters and assortment of odd t-shirts and some very different types of tank tops (including what I was wearing when the picture was taken).

There are also socks and underwear of the lets-not-talk-too-much-about-them type (think Bridget Jones on laundry day, but without the pathetic helplessness).

Yes, I work from home or from a care-free office or from a dirty industrial site where I really should not wear private clothes anyway. Yes, I do not need to dress up for the man (the less the better) and it is cold were I live (inside and out).
No, outerwear is not included and neither are scarves nor blankets and I may cover myself in both.

The point? Ah, does there have to be one? OK then - to appreciate all I have, to be grateful and not wasteful, and to reduce my environmental impact by using what I have available before I go spending resources (environmental) on more, and to frankly, just make my life easier by not bothering so much about clothes.
I am already a long way from my old life in 2006 when it was a choice of suits in the morning and it  used to take me minimum 40 minutes to get dressed in the morning, an hour sometimes.
I have come a long way and it is all for the better.