Sunday, 8 January 2017


I am ashamed and astonished - no, astonished, surprised and a little ashamed,
No, I mean, astonished, surprised and disappointed.
I am not angry. I am disappointed.

I found half a dead cucumber in the veggie drawer of the fridge today.
We never buy cucumbers in the winter.

And if we, as we don't, buy cucumbers in the winter, we always eat them immediately.
We never leave a piece to die unnoticed in the veggie drawer of the fridge.
We eat what we buy.
We don't waste food. We never let food go to waste.
We don't throw out food. 
That is not who we are.

(looking sternly at the man who licks his lips remembering the cucumber dish he made for his lunch during the holidays...)

Ceremoniously throws mouldy, rotten, liquidy part of a cucumber in the trash while humming a funeral march not especially softly.

Tuts loudly.


  1. I hate wasting food. Sometimes I eat more than I should and that is the main reason.

    1. The skill of portioning is a hard one to learn (but it does generate some creative cooking, using left-overs)