Wednesday, 11 January 2017


I would like to have a nice pair of headphones.
Something small, something reliable, something durable.
It will take a very long time before I will be on the market for a nice pair of headphones.

I wear a pair of head phones while working. Both because I work through an on-line based system where the audio is vastly improved through headphones, and because I also listen to  talk radio, audio books, TV shows and sometimes music streamed through my computer.

I never listen to anything when I am outside (preferring the sounds of traffic, people or birds around me). I also rarely music on my phone, and then usually only a song or two.

The main reason why it will take a very long time before I will be on the market for a nice pair of head phones is that I already have hands full of head phones. Many many years ago, I travelled on trains and planes where they would provide you with a complimentary pair of head phones. Small, slim and one use only.
As a conscientious environmentalist I could not contribute to that, so I always took mine with me.

I ended up with more than twenty pairs of head phones until that nonsense stopped (and people had to pay for head phones or bring their own).
As I am not a minimalist, I have held on to them and used them, one after another, since then. They last about a year the way I use them.
Yesterday I broke yet another pair. Yet another little bundle of cord and microphones went into the electronic waste collection pile we have.

When I inventoried the storage of head phones however, it turned out, that I do not have hands full of head phones any longer.  I have two. One pair from the stock of free head phones and one pair from an old phone that works on the computer too.

So in less than two years, I might be on the market for a nice pair of head phones.


  1. I like Sennheisers. They make all kinds and they are all good. I know they'll sound good, but they need to be comfortable, too.

    1. I never go for brands, I know too much of how electronics are manufactured.

  2. Replies
    1. 'Cause it is crazy that most electronics sold as unique, are manufactured from parts made in anonymous indescribable little factories. Very few producers of electronics are able to identify the life-cycle of its product. At least I can handle the waste phase of my own stuff, using it up and handing it to suitable recovery or recycling waste treatment. (Rant over!)