Friday, 20 January 2017


The flight was half an hour late the other day.
A flight of 1 hour 20 minutes was half an hour late.
Outrageous, isn't it?
As it was a late afternoon flight to a non hub-airport, most people were going home or to a hotel. I understand stress on early morning flights when half of the flight has connections to the whole world and the other half are going for meetings and home again the same day, Everybody ha a minute by minute agenda and all delays get consequences.
This was a non-issue for most people.

Most took it easy, used the free wifi, relaxed. Amazingly though, everybody seemed to become instantly hungry.
The amount of sandwiches sold to the passengers on that flight was high. Too high if you ask me.
If your meal times need to be within half an hour, you really should plan better.
Otherwise you are only comfort eating. Or even worse, eating only to have something to do.

Can you entertain yourself without shopping or eating for half an hour?
What do you do? Sit-down micro-sit-ups? Drawing? Practicing a few words in a foreign language?


  1. Replies
    1. I do too, or I count things. It is very relaxing to count windows, lights, floor boards or even people.