Monday, 16 January 2017

Project Pipes

The previous weekend I spent an unproportional amount of time in the shower room.

First I cut my hair which took about an hour and a half and came out fine although possibly a little short. I really need to remember that to cut it at the length I want it, will make the hair end up being about a centimeter to short when it is finished. Remember. Remember.
(At the moment and in unflattering conditions, I look like I put a pot on my head and cut after the edge. I did not and I insist on flattering conditions! I will spend most of the week wearing a helmet anyway so it will have time to grow.

Then I started project Pipe. Not great timing since I am away for a week or so, but at least the project has been moved from dream via plan to first part of the project.

Project Pipe is the second part of the project to paint all our heating pipes, covering the shower room.
We live in an old house and the heating pipes all run outside the walls, very visibly. Since it has been at least twenty years since they wast were painted, the paint is chipping, cracking, oxidizing and changing colour. The radiators grow yellow and start rusting.
The project part shower room  insists of scraping/sandpapering, cleaning and scrubbing the pipes and the radiator and then painting them with radiator paint we bought for the first part of the project when w painted the kitchen last year. (I'll see if I can find the link.)

Actually, we have everything needed for the project already in the house and the only thing needed is inspiration and and hours work. It will probably need three layers of paint and each task takes about but less than an hour.

I started the project the day before I go away for a week.

Do you have half-finished projects waiting for your time too?


  1. I don't envy you the projects. At this stage I am happy to be a renter and let someone else paint the pipes.

    1. You got a good deal if you also get your pipes painted. (With the contract form we have, we have to paint our own pipes.)

  2. Hair trimming is no big deal to me as I don't have very much.
    Wouldn't you rather paint pipes when you can open the windows?

    1. It is not very cold right now but the paint does not smell very much.
      Trimming a thinning head is also a skill, although quickly lekarned. And performed.