Sunday, 15 January 2017


The man made me a tea drinker.
I do not think I had drunk twenty cups of tea before I met him.
At least not outside England. Where a cup of tea is not only a liquid, but also a remedy, a psychologist or a teddy bear.

Now we drink tea in the afternoon, herbal tea in the early evening and camomile tea before we go to bed. That is a lot of tea and all of it is a liquid. Except the camomile tea, that is a remedy against insomnia.

I got two huge white tea mugs with an apartment I once moved into, and we use them everyday. Most days they get cleaned in between, some days we just keep adding tea to them during the day.

We share a tea bag between us if we drink the same kind of tea at the same time.
Otherwise the tea bag is saved on a little plate by the electric kettle for the next use.
Easily, there are four cups of tea from a tea bag.
We mostly keep one black, one green, one mint and sometimes one rooibos box of tea in the house at the same time. As well as the all important, even essential, camomile tea.

Although camomile tea needs to be strong to do anything. Every bag is strictly two cups, one use.

A twenty pack box of our favorite kinds of tea last us about a month.
I estimate we spend about €2 on tea every month. One for him and one for me.
We pay for it through our bucket-budget.

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