Friday, 6 January 2017


I changed my toothbrush yesterday.

It had not quite reached its three month mark, nor was it worn out even though I always buy the cheapest possible SOFT toothbrush available.
(Your gums will thank you for using a soft toothbrush.)

However, after a week with a snooty cold and the subsequent slow recovery, a new toothbrush is an easy step to better healt.

I suppose I could clean it and boil it to sanitize it but not even I have gone that far yet.
(and it may not be entirely safe either so it is not an advice)

Not when a toothbrush cost less than €1 (budgeted at €4/year), I have environmentally good waste treatment systems with energy recovery available for both the old and the packaging of the new one, and the only aspect I have not yet solved is the environmental and work environmental impact of the production of the toothbrush itself.
But I will work on that.
When I get back to work.
When I am cured from my cold.

And a new toothbrush will help.

I bought a yellow toothbrush. Vividly remembering one of the inmates who when I worked maximum penitentiary, told me choosing the colour of the new toothbrush was one of the few choices available to him that could make him happy. So he took his time and chose carefully - every time.


  1. I don't remember that you worked in a prison. Yellow is a happy color, though.

    1. I barely do myself it was that long ago. Best job I have ever had, besides pay, safety on the job, and well, most everything else actually. But I enjoyed it.

  2. Boiling tooth brushes results in them becoming flexible while hot so you can shape them into colourful bangles! The bristles usually fall out too. So if you know you can bend them, maybe other uses will occur. But you could also save it for cleaning funny corners, or applying hair colour (I have tooth brushes for both these tasks) :) And sorry you've had a cold, yuk.

    1. (digging trash for old toothbrush)
      You are truly so creative and inspirational!
      (and besides, boiling a toothbrush to reuse it is probably not a great idea as the plastic is not intended for it and it may release substances which otherwise are stable and safe for use in the mouth).

    2. This is true. And old toothbrushes are only good for other jobs if they are not so splayed from overuse as to be useless! I swear my darling never looks st his and i have to tell him to replace it every few months. hehe