Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Used everything 2016

I started in November 2016 the project to use all my clothes, discard what didn't work any more, put aside the good clothes and to continue wearing out the remaining pieces. Considering I have bought very little clothing in the last five years, it really should not be much.
But it is!

This is about 4/5 of all clothes I am keeping.

(The bag below contains good clothes I just do not like. It will go to the charity shop as soon as this project ends. Clothes that are worn out, are thrown in the appropriate waste collection. Most charity shops do not appreciate junk. Be considerate when donating!)

Besides tank tops and mittens, I have nothing left in "storage" still waiting to be put into circulation and used. By reducing my weight, I have also been allowed to dive into the bag with 'thin' clothes (and when gaining it back again, the 'fat' clothes bag also got emptied).

There is another a pile of clothes which I am currently wearing and will continue to wear with the aim to wear it out. I have no picture of it yet. But it does include my sports clothes, with the aim of wearing them at all, if you know what I mean.

All that said, I am however planning to get clothes in the future. Either buying or getting from the trash gods (the trash gods are very generous on the streets around here) within the next year.

I am amusing myself with plans on what to get. The purpose is that I will know exactly what I need and want (not the other way around) when opportunity arises. What I get, should fit with what I have and strengthen my lifestyle.
I consider not only types of items, but also colour schemes and styles.
There is plenty of time for this type of planning.

I still have some wearing out to do before anything ANYTHING should appear on the NEED-list for clothes.

This is how I can save so much money every month every year.


  1. If I had been single all these years I may be in the same boat. Fate is a cruel mistress. I am always impressed and always learning from you.

    1. Friends and family are indeed expensive but are usually worth it though (and the good ones doesn't mind about the state of ones clothing either).