Thursday, 12 January 2017


Advice on saving and careful spending can come from the most surprising sources.

A good but most surprising surprising source recently was Vogue. Yes, Vogue.
I came across an old copy of the British edition of the July 2016 issue in a local free book case.
I love haute couture avant-garde fashion, design, sewing skills and fabrics and I devour fashion magazines for adventurous clothing with concentration when I come across them (no, not a chance I will pay for the magazines. They are so easily available after a few months it is no point buying them new if you are not in the industry - and then the cost should be carried as a company expence.)

On page 65 was the article How to shop smart by Sarah Harris. Some of the advice are contradictory to other advice and all are not written in a way that makes sense, but here are a few that I found inspirational for shopping (only slightly textually modified;  Sorry Sarah Harris, different media, you know) :

- There is little point in buying a red sweater if you will not wear it.
- Check your wardrobe before clothes shopping (think shopping list for groceries).
- Never layer clothes on hangers in your wardrobe so you can see what you have.
- Identify what you need and if you really do not have anything already that serves a same or  similar purpose.
- Do not buy dry-clean only clothes if you are on a budget. Don't even buy hand-wash only if you are lazy.
- Always find pieces you like the design, fabric, colour of before looking at the price-tag (to develop your taste and your style. Remember the out-of budget style for cheaper shops.).
- Always check the price-tag before trying anything on. Never try anything on that is outside your budget.
- Consider the cost-per-wear when shopping but if you are not going to wear it in the end, even the cheapest item is expensive, so only buy what makes you happy.
- Never spend a great deal of money on a white T-shirt, spend less and replenish more frequently instead. This is not an item bought for longevity.
- Always bring two or three sizes of the same item into the changing room and try them on without looking on the size on the label. You may prefer the fit of the one you weren't expecting (and fit is everything)!
- Pay with cash not credit cards. You will find notes harder to part with.
- Make a list of all clothes bought - it will force you to remember the failures and to identify need that have already been fulfilled.
- Never buy anything that does not fit thinking you will slim down into it. If you are not going to wear it now, you do not need it now.

And all these advice combined - is the reason why I never buy haute couture avant-garde fashion.
It does me not stop me from enjoying it though.
The man and I sometimes dress up to the teeth and go browsing the high-end fashion shops for inspiration (and the following price chock). 


  1. Talking about dressing for the shopping experience, I now wear the part of the outfit that I already have when shopping for an item. Obviously, this doesn't work when looking for a dress, but for any other article, I wear what the new piece will have to go with. This keeps me focused on what I need rather than what catches my eye. And I do need to keep myself reined in because I buying clothes is such fun.

    1. That is good thinking indeed. To bring and wear the jacket that needs.a top when trying on new clothes and then NOT buy anything that isn't perfect, will focus and restrict.