Monday, 6 February 2017

Clothes brush

This is the single item that has saved the most money percentage wise since I bought it over twenty years ago. 
I used to be a hairy rocker banker lawyer (or at least two out of four) wearing only dark clothes and used mine every day. The man also has one because he used to live with cats and this is the item cat owners need more than anything.

It is an ordinary clothes brush using the pile of a fabric together with static electricity to get lint, hair and dust off your clothes.

It is a little harder to work than a cheap sticky tape roller but once you figured it out, it lasts a lifetime. It never dries out, you never need to replace it and it will always be available.
Clean it by brushing it backwards on a regular piece of cloth, vacuum or wipe if sticky. It will be good to go again the next day.

When you have used up all existing rollers or other clothes brushes, get one. You will only need one the rest of your life. Choose the simplest, sturdiest, most simple looking one you can find.

Use it if you have one.
Your clothes will also remain looking good longer. You can reduce laundry and that wear and tear by brushing clothes instead of laundry - especially for dry-cleaning clothes.


  1. We have several of those. We also have 10 cats so you can understand the necessity.

    1. I completely understand! It is the only chance a cat owner have of not looking like a sheep.