Sunday, 5 February 2017


We leave on our adventure in a few days and we are eating out of our cupboards and freezer to empty everything before we go. (The fridge and freezer will be cleaned out and turned off for the month away.)

We plan our meals to use up as much of what we have and only buy items that are essential to make a meal. We bake pie, bread and cakes from opened packages of flour and yeast (and eat them saying, why are we not always baking bread and pies? Probably because we normally do not eat much bread and even less pie.)

A badly battered envelope with dried tomato soup from some camping trip, probably from 2015 in France appeared in an emptying cupboard. We cooked it and added some left-over green cabbage and some white rice that had stuck to the pan. It was served with hard bread (knäckebröd) we had been given from the family whose cremated mother is currently living in our book case, topped with cheese. Not the urn. The bread. It was tasty, very very tasty.

There will still be food in the house when we leave but only dry, in cans and unopened.


  1. We always have too much food on hand and once in a while some isn't usable and has to be used for compost. It drives me nuts and will always be a bone of contention between me and the missus.

    1. Maybe it is comforting for her to have more food than necessary at home? The man has a need to have lots of food in the house "in case of war" (I think, since we live across the street form a supermarket open everyday). Today I made list of things that we can eat without shopping and it is perfect.