Friday, 24 February 2017

Good life

We are living the good life out of Lisbon at the moment.
Even the good life has better days than others and let me tell about Wednesday.

The alarm woke us up at seven. I made coffee and opened my computer to start work. In pyjama, slippers and fleece jacket. The man drank his coffee in bed but came up around eight for a shower. He sat down across from me and opened his computer. He sorted out a technical problem for a client and while waiting for uploads, rehearsed Portuguese verbs and vocabulary. I had a short phone meeting with a client and then took a pause for a shower and to dress. The man made us our breakfast porridge which we ate while still working. At half eleven the man packed up and went to his Portuguese course. I go on working while drying me hair, doing dishes, taking out sardines from the freezer for lunch, drinking coffee, eating a light snack in short breaks. And buzzing in the postman in the staircase when he rang the doorbell.
About half three the man came back, and opened his computer for some work. He started cooking lunch and did his homework. At three, I was finished and logged out of my virtual office. We ate lunch and packed up our study books to go out.
We strolled through the narrow streets of our neighbourhood, aiming for a favourite square. Instead we found a private garden open to the public with a wonderful view.
We sat there reading, admiring the view, talking to each other and looking at people until six when the garden closed. Strolling through the streets looking for a place with a view to have a drink, we went to a cheese and wine bar. We were the only guests, sat at the only table on the street and had wine of the week and three cheeses. It was divine.

When the sun had come down, we slowly walked down the hill and then up the hill to our apartment, and cooked dinner.
I logged on to my virtual classroom for my masters studies, wrote some comments based on the days reading, added to the paper in production, proofread yesterday's notes, and had the dinner the man prepared with a glass of wine.

Afterwards, I was rehearsing Portuguese vocabulary with him. I also prepared my reading for the next day, logged onto work email to see if anything was urgent, logged onto study account to read comments from other course participants, did dishes, brushed teeth and went to bed before ten. The upstairs bedroom was colder than expected because that day we had forgotten to close the window shutters at sunset.
Wi-fi in our apartment does not reach my side of the bed so I read a book before falling asleep.

I work my regular hours but get out early in the afternoon because of the time difference to my colleagues. The man is between projects and only does maintenance for his clients. Tomorrow I will have a day off and tour the town and museums on my own while the man is in school and does his afternoon run. We'll met at home for dinner and then possibly go for an evening stroll. We do not need much more than this.


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    1. I am lucky but luck didn't bring me here. (Hard work, dedication, frugality and dedication did.)

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    1. Living life in one's own pace is indeed wonderful.

  3. I feel little envy...this is wonderful. So inspiring

    1. Good! To be inspiring is the only reason why I tell my stories.