Thursday, 16 February 2017

New town

We have moved to Lisbon for a month.
After a few days, we have settled in, we see the differences, find our way and figured out how things work.
I am in love.
I love the Portuguese who stop to ask if they can help, who greet and smile at strangers on the street, who hold the door, who leave the seat for old women, who step aside for old men on side walks and who are are naturally curious about events on the street.
(When I open the window to see what the screaming is about outside, there are five other heads peaking out too.)
I love Lisbon because it is beautiful, especially since it has hills and viewpoints (coming from Amsterdam this is wonderful) and for giving me strong leg and bum muscles.

We have our apartment in upper Alfama/Castelo. It is touristy but behind all that, it is a village. There are times during the day when the streets are empty. Between the tourist restaurants there are cafés in backyards, lunch restaurants in corners and the neighbours say hello.
We hung our laundry outside on lines in the sun (when there is sun) and we air our house every morning to get the moisture out. We wear warm clothes inside and light clothes outside when the outside is warmer then the inside. I insisted on an apartment with heating so we can be warm in the evenings and that was a good thing as it rained almost three days in a row when we got here. (We still brought our warm sleeping bags and have used them).

We have memorised the tram and bus lines and we jump on and off with our zapping bus passes. We walk up and down the hills, almost always arriving to where we wanted to go but always always finding something new and thought provoking on the way.
We find everything because we live close to where Saint Anthony was born (he is here the saint to go to if you lose anything).
So far, I have bought a postcard.
And food.
We cook at home as much as we can. Both to keep costs down and to experiment with the local foodstuff. 
The man is taking an introduction course in Portuguese (an old dream of his) and do all the housekeeping. I work from home my regular hours and continue my studies. Evenings and weekends are spent walking around our new town.
Otherwise we don't really do anything extraordinary or indulge ourselves in any way.


  1. Sounds like a dream come true! Enjoy!!

  2. Wow! I am jealous of your travels. Lisbon sounds wonderful!

    1. Lisbon is indeed wonderful and the Portuguese are almost Scandi-styled, only shorter and a little louder but not much. Don't be envious, be inspired.