Friday, 3 February 2017

Project Pipes - part 2

The second part of Project Pipes is finished.
Our shower room now has water pipes, radiator and stands for the sink in gleaming white.
The chalk is gone, the rust is gone, the flaking paint is gone and all pipes have a uniform colour.
It almost looks as good as in the kitchen we did last year.

It is amazing. It truly is a huge improvement.
It is wonderful that the pipes have stopped begging for attention. Now they just do their job and nothing more. It is much more peaceful to shower without a list running in ones head: "should do that, that, that, and that" ... "and that".

The total working time was about a week and a half with a short hour of work every other night (as we were painting in the actual space for showering, some adaptation had to be done to evenings when showering was needed). Painting pipes is a simple job but it did require to sit on the cold shower room floor.

The job is by no means perfectly executed but it does not matter (we live in an old hospital and most things are a little loop-sided). It is much better than it was before

The cost of the job was nothing - except that I managed to get a big fat paint stain on a pair of jeans and it is refusing to come out. The paint was left over from the kitchen job. Sandpaper, covering plastics and scrubbers as well as rollers and brushes are also from other earlier projects and could be reused again.

They are all cleaned up to be used again after this.
I have noted that a Project Pipes part 3 as well as a Project Pipes part 4 will be needed in the future - unfortunately.


  1. Congratulations on a job completed! We rent our flat so I am deterred from making improvements myself. Lately I've been thinking that if we're going to stay here any length of time it might just be worth it to attack some of the most depressing flaws.

    1. If you are allowed, a little lick of paint really does do reduce in-door depressions.