Monday, 13 February 2017


Seven years ago, I almost cancelled a blind date.

I got very cold feet in the last minute and almost did not get on the train.
But I knew, my blind date had already left his country to meet me in a town half way.
And I may have many faults, and I am not an especially good person, but I am at least a good date.

So I went.

Tonight we have been together seven years and we are in Lisbon, Portugal.
It is so wonderful and we are so in love with the town, we forgot the date this morning.

By one o'clock I texted the man at his Portuguese course announcing that it was our anniversary.
Two hours later he read it and announced that it indeed was.

After work, we went for a drink. Tonight we are having chicken at home.
Happy not Saint Valentines day. It is the best day.
It is also every day.


  1. You are lucky.Have a wonderful next seven and more.

  2. Gratulerer! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Wait. He traveled to another country just to meet you? You must have had a very good press agent!! Happy for you!!!

    1. Our first three dates were in three different countries. Welcome to Europe! (Don't fall asleep on the train or you wake up in another country - although it doesn't matter; it is all common market! Bye UK)

  4. What a cheery story; thanks!