Saturday, 4 February 2017


I was recently invited to go skiing one evening in one of the small ski slopes around.
Some friends had a minivan and got all middle aged women involved to go skiing without children.
I was ecstatic, until I realized I would not be home from work that evening until very late.
One of the few times in the year, I work late and it stopped me from an adventure.
Normally, it is always life before work, but in this case, I put promises and commitments before... before... before myself. (A bad old habit I need to keep an eye on.)

I miss skiing.
I have skied after the time I got a concussion in Austria that made me go and see all the sites from the film Sound of music in Salzburg. (A story for another time.) But by now it has been a long time, at least eight years. I have barely even been into any proper amounts of snow since then, or even had any good cold days in that time. (That means more than a meter of snow and at least -15 degrees C.) I did not think I would miss it but I do.

I am hanging on to my ski clothes to be ready when I get a chance.
But there will be no skiing in the season of 2016/2017 - either.


  1. Damn work! Can I shame you little? Work before life and relationships? Not worth it. I just got back from Europe and managed to get couple days skiing and smile has not gotten away in two weeks...
    I may even become new born winter person

    1. Shamed and envious. Envious and shamed.
      More envious than shamed. But determined to do better!

    2. And I will remind you that you said that!!

  2. It's good to go back to past pleasures. I finally went ice skating over Christmas break after not having skated since I had a bad fall several years ago. It felt great!

    1. It is never to late go go back to past pleasures, true reminder!