Wednesday, 29 March 2017


The base is cleaned, all waste taken out, all electricity disconnected, window closed, water turned off and the bed is made. The nest is ready for the next time. I take my bag and close the door.

I have a plane this afternoon. I leave home to go home.
From my home base to the man's home base.

We both have colds. Mine comes from having spent time with snotty children and the man got his from working in an office with parents of snotty children.
Neither of us have a child-germ immune system.
We will probably spend the weekend in rehabilitation, with warm tea and lots of paper tissues.
Also a way to live the good life.

(I once read an article about couples spending their honeymoon-week in a clinic infected with cold germs. The couple were studied to better understand the different reactions different people had to different strains of cold gems as well as reactions to different remedies. However, the couples got a free week to spend a week in bed together (which they would have done anyway) and experiencing, possibly for the first time, how their partner reacted to a proper cold.
So we'll do that.
Except that it will not be much fun. I'll just sleep 36 hours straight and then be fine. The man probably has a less intense reaction but will on the other hand more likely cough until Midsummer.
This is after all, not our first colds.)

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