Friday, 10 March 2017


We have left lovely Lisbon and are back - experiencing a massive reversed culture chock.
There have been quite a few lessons learned (and many stories that can be told at a late date).

- I am not a warm weather person and anything over 25°C is too hot. Bathing clothes are not necessary and loose long sleeved clothing is the best in warm weather.
- The Portuguese are very friendly, very honest and the Dutch are still the rudest people in Europe.
- Fresh fish (also frozen fresh) is delicious. Just add lemon, salt and olive oil and nothing more is needed. No sauce, no mayonnaise, no gravy, no additives, nothing more than the pure fish.
- 100 ml washing liquid is enough for four loads of laundry if the clothes are clean before and will be cleaned after. A very interesting lesson in how concentrated washing liquid actually is and how clean the clothes we clean, actually are.
- Remember whose toothbrush is whose so that you don't have to share toothbrush the first night at home (because you threw the old ones before returning home and) because both claim the good tooth brush was theirs. Salomon's decision to share did not change the claim of either.
- Climbing steep hills and long stairs (Lisbon is very hilly) is not a problem if taken slowly. Whoever breaks a sweat is the looser.  After a month, the hills and stairs are still very steep.
- Clean and potable water with a slight taste is easily, cheaply and healthily improved with a few drops of concentrated lemon juice. Much better than buying water.
- We have learned to dry outside on a line thirty meter over the street. A little scary hanging out the window but rewarded by the laundry being dry in a few hours, sometimes only one. We are for sure using our outside lines much more often after this.

I bought a bag, a necklace, a book and some postcards, totally €45. I ate the rest of my money but spent very little beyond that out of my fun-money).
Together, for two, we spent in total €2438,93 including food, rent, flights and loads of museums but excluding tuition for the man (that was paid out of his fun-money). I paid most of it and it will be deducted from rent.
This is of course a lot of money for two but the experience was well worth paying for.
Well worth all the not-going out for dinner, coffee and the spending we have not done all the other months of the year.

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