Sunday, 26 March 2017


There is one fundamental reason to why I feel free to roam the world.
No, wait, there are two. Two fundamental reasons, three, there are three fundamental reasons, four.
Four fundamental reasons to why - wait, five....

There are a few fundamental reasons to why I feel free to roam the world.
I know where I come from. My heritage is clear, my lineage is researched and my genealogy is investigated. I know who my forefather were and where they come from. Names, occupations, birthplace, family connections are know of everybody in my family background back to the early 1800s, and for most until the beginning of written sources. My oldest family connection is John who died 1612. I know who I think I am.
I can go far and wide and I will still always belong there.

The other of the many fundamental reasons to why I feel free to roam the world is that I have a base.
I have always had a base. It is a place where I can always return, I am always allowed to stay, I can send my post and I can leave my stuff and I am always welcome. It was first my mother's house, and now it is a tiny student-sized micro apartment that I own the rights to.

My base has a price in financial terms but is till cheaper than a storage space of lesser size.
My base allows me to come and go safely. Wherever I go, whatever happens, this is my destination and my return address and my place to restart my life. Yes, the man knows and he accepts this, knowing that this stability makes it easier for me to be flexible and mobile.

I envy people who can pack up and leave nothing behind. I worry about people who has to leave their base, pack up and run away empty handed.
Maybe I could do it, but it would require a lot of violence and oppression for me to take the leap into the unknown without having a base camp left to return to if something goes wrong.
Maybe I would have to do it, and after some time in limbo, be able to settle down and build another safe base for myself somewhere.
But I do know that for me and with my personality (or psychological profile as it is also called),
I will not plan for limbo and insecurity.

The best thing about a base is that once it is established, I can leave. I am free to roam. I hold on to my lifeline and this frees me to settle anywhere and everywhere.

I am base dependent but I am not bound to my base.
I have now spent a few weeks in my base and it is good.
By next week I feel the urge to fly away again.


  1. There are aspects of your life that is the stuff of dreams.

    1. And then there are people who pity me for not having a large house, no car, no jewellery, no fancy clothes, and no horse!

  2. I take care of seven horses. Five are ours. They are wonderful animals, but someone always has to be there to care for them. Locking the door and walking away even for a couple of days is not doable without arrangements.

    1. Sounds wonderful to have horses, you are really the one to envy. That nobody ever can everything is sadly the reality.