Sunday, 12 March 2017

Shoe brush

Sometimes, even I get scared. I am almost too /epithet/ organized for social adaptability.

I wore the same pair of boots every day for our month in Lisbon. They are comfortable and most importantly stable enough to walk on cobble stones, uneven stairs and steep roads every day (not mentioning climbing on walls and stones).  They are also solidly black and does not draw any attention to themselves. They go with everything and they go everywhere. (I did bring another pair of shoes, primarily for warmer weather, but it was almost never that warm.)

When I came back, I took out my trusted shoe brush. I think it was a present from my aunt about when I moved away from home (so thirty years ago or so).
I still have it and that is possibly a clear indication of how often and how hard I brush my shoes.
Not very - none of them.
But I have it and I do it.
It is very occasionally used with black shoe polish but mostly just as a shoe brush. (All my shoes are black anyway, that is just the way my taste in shoes run, so I only need one brush.)

I released the shoe laces, opened them up, took out the soles (loose soles in shoes is one of the easiest quality signs) and brushed them inside with my hand. Holding them with my hand inside, the brush did its job. The picture shows one boot brushed and finished, and one boot just off the foot.
They then went into the closet to rest for some time

I am happy I did not throw all shoes that I do not use because they do not currently fit in my lifestyle. 
Unexpected, I have to go in for an interview at a fancy company Monday and I have spent the afternoon steaming the old jacket and ironing the old office trousers and polishing one pair of the almost unused nice-lady office shoes I have in storage. I will look very fancy and not a eurocent spent.
Bring it on!


  1. Good on you. I would be hard pressed to appear at a jo interview looking like an office worker these days yet it was only five years ago it's what I did!

    1. It is so easy to loose the office look, thank heavens!!

  2. Always expect the unexpected.