Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Short-term ambitions 2017

I learned so much from living in Lisbon. Although I worked, studied and lived almost in the same way I do at home, society around me was different and I changed too.

For the short-term I have the following ambitions:
- No alcohol for a month (the wine was way too cheap and a new lifestyle does not have to include alcohol every day).
- No meat for a month (but the Portuguese sausages are the best and this ambition will be broken if I can get any more, but again, a new lifestyle does not have to include meat everyday).
- The daily walk is to be made rapidly and not just stroll trough the streets.
- Keep the portion sizes we have learned. Normal eating causes weight loss without effort and must really be kept up.
- Complete buy ban until June (unless I get a new job) for everything except food and hygiene (and possible books for school if I have to). There is really nothing I need.
- Get a new job if the new management is continuing to be like "this" - but do not get a job where they throw lots of money on you, force a car on you, demand to sign on for years and change life style (and look like a nice-office-lady) just for a job. (It was a nice interview with a man fifteen years my junior (I am not ageist, but he does not understand what I do) and for a company with a nice philosophy regarding work and for a project that would really suit me and where I make a difference, although I would have to be the henchman, the hard worker, the front-runner and have no respite for four years - and I am to old to be tempted by a bonus.)
(To be honest, it was the mandatory car that turned me off completely. - "On this level it is mandatory." - "Do you pay for parking?" - "Yes, at the office."
So where would I park the stupid thing if I would drive it every day? Not at home, that is for sure. It is difficult to park a bicycle where I live!! There is lots of space, but also a large canal - should I park the car in there perhaps? Nah... I'll go through the recruitment process, it is always educational, but I know I will not take the job, not for any money. THAT is what FI - financial independence - does to your career. Life becomes too important.)
- After a month, almost 24h/day with the man, it is clear that is how I want to live my life. He can be within arms length distance all the time if I get to choose. It is "good for us" to be apart (like spinach) but it really isn't necessary (although I like spinach). I like the man and I want him around all the time. (Working more would only ruin this ambition.)


  1. Replies
    1. And I am taking them all on! At the same time! O O O

  2. I am about to adopt both No's 1 and 2. Only for a month; I want to see what effect it has on my mild Diabetes.

    1. Good idea, let us know around 26 April that you have done well and if you got the effect you wanted!!