Friday, 7 April 2017


Cough Cough Cougrrrrrrgh Cough Cough, that has been my beat the last week.

Nasty nasty cold sunk me totally. I have spent a good week in bed, actually eight days so far. I am still not well, but for the first time since I arrived, I am out of bed and staying up. Thank heavens for a online-based job and flexible work hours! Although I have been mostly in bed, I have carried out all urgent tasks and a lot of routine tasks I normally never have patience to do, and will not loose too much work time.

I was not alone in bed. The man completely went down too in a similar cold. Like to old cats, we have slept, snored, coughed and blown our noses through a week of constant companionship. Sleeping in the day, coughing in the night. Up for a shower, back to bed for a nap. Eating every cold remedy available in the house. Roll and roll of nice lady butt toilet paper used to blow noses. The days have passed one by one almost un-noticed. With a change of pyjama every second day and a shower almost every day, only laundry has been done regularly.
Food has been eaten but not the normal amounts. Food is cooked by anybody with temporary energy. The other cooks food in the next phase of awakeness. Thanks to poor appetite and basic provisions at home food has been available. However, two days ago we went to The Good Veggie-Shop (not actual name) and stocked up. Yesterday the man claimed he needed meat (first meat in almost a month) and went across the street to "Bad Supermarket" (commonly known as) and bought some with some other provisions.

Today vacuuming has been done and I think we are on the mend. The sheets are changed and I have started the sanitation project (wiping walls, door handles, switches etc from coughing residues. Toothbrush is boiled and cleaned. Gross? Ohyes! But I am not risking re-infection.)

We are still coughing and still blowing noses but the virus infection is gone. So now we drink enormous amounts of liquids (non-caffeinated) by the hour to clear phlegm and mucus from sinuses and lungs, staying clear of bacterial infections. No exercise, warm clothes and hearty, healthy food.

The aim is to be presentable at tomorrows big party!

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