Wednesday, 12 April 2017


High time to de-snot all doors and handles in the house.

We have 9 doors in the apartment. Each door has two sides and two handles.
That means that there are 18 larger amounts of painted door area to wipe and sanitize.
There are also 18 handles to clean.
And of course, 18 door frames must be cleaned at the same time.

It is also very good arm exercises and I try to use both arms for the job.

I'll let you know when I have wiped all 9 doors, handles and frames.
One down - eight to go. 


  1. A job that is always satisfying once completed. We only have two interior doors in our apartment and one to the outside. Oh, if I include the laundry cupboard that doubles the count!

    1. Of course you have to include the laundry cupboard! And the bathroom doors! (We have shower room, toilet and heating cabinet, all with interior doors, that pushes the numbers up.)