Saturday, 1 April 2017


The Financial Independence number from April 1, 2017 is no joke.
I was expecting a drop or a stagnation in the number because we spent a month in Lisbon not saving very much in February and that the stock markets were volatile in March. But no. I am not very sensitive to stock market fluctuations and since I was out on site and in the nest a good part of March, my expenses were low and the savings high.

The Financial Independence number ended up being again an all time high: 33,84. Meaning that all my assets added up, except the value of my apartment as I must always live somewhere and also except the value of any pension systems I or employers have paid into as I have very little control over them, and divided with my estimated annual budget that I can and live and have lived on for a long time, gives the number 33,84. This means that if I live like I do now, my assets will last me 33,84 years. I cross my fingers that all future coming price increases will be compensated by increased interests and dividends but nobody will know for sure about anything in the future, and certainly not about the future of finances. I could cut the annual budget some more if I have to but even if I could, my spending would not be increased very much and will never include expensive take out coffee, magazines or air-fresheners.

I also still work and make money more than I need each month although I did retire to 80% in 2013. This means that the increase in FI-number between months also includes new savings, not only value increases.

Anyhow, nothing of this makes any difference as we currently spend no money, both in bed with each one gigantic cold. We eat out of the cabinets and consume all available old French cough drops, old German homoeopathic congestion relievers, Swedish throat pistils, Belgian nose drops and roll after roll of god toilet paper.
(We got a house sitter for our apartment plants when we went to Lisbon, not because we needed it, but because she urgently needed to redo her bathroom while working intently so she moved into our place, and because she is a soft nice lady, she bought soft nice lady butt toilet paper, no liking our rough frugal hard working toilet paper, and left it behind.)

So now we have plenty of soft nice lady butt toilet paper for our snotty noses.
That is no joke either.

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