Friday, 14 April 2017


I have counted my jackets and coats. The difference to the list from 2016 is that this time I also included office and indoor jackets:

I have more than I ever would have though.
- 1 brown thick winter coat (old, at least from before 2008, but can manage another season as it is only used in freezing temperatures).
- 1 black three-season long jacket (bought 2016)
- 1 long black, tailored flared coat (bought H&M on sale in 2007 for €30 because it had lost its belt, still stylish for when I need to be stylish)
- 1 rain coat (white, black, wonderful but not very practical and doesn't get used much, bought 2011)
- 1 beige summer coat (probably early 2000 sometime)
- 1 brown suede jacket, almost like the black leather one John Travolta wore in Get Shorty (bought in Dunfermline in Scotland in 2006 for £5 in a charity shop)
- 1 rain jacket (the much beloved bought 2015)
- 1 ski jacket (the rarely used one bought mid-1990 and there is still hope to use it)

- 1 green from around 2005 with metal buttons that fits perfect and makes me look really cool (why do I not wear it more often?)
- 1 black summer jacket (a gift from the trash gods 2015)
- 5 office jackets almost identical (three black jackets, one white jacket and one dark grey are identical and all are bought around 2008. Stretch, machine wash, excellent quality. One or two are at the end of their life).
- 1 black velvet opera jacket made to measure in Shanghai 2009.
- 1 antique velvet coat with tails from a second hand shop in Brussels from 2010, probably 1970s.

I have 17 jackets for the four seasons I live with. I really do NOT NEED ANY JACKETS!

How many jackets and coats do you have?


  1. I also own too many, but many have been given to me.

    1. And with the jacket Heidi gave you, you hardly need any more either!