Thursday, 20 April 2017


I am naturally right-handed so I need to focus on strengthening my left arm.
I try to use both of my arms.

I have broken my right wrist twice in my life living with a cast for a month each time.
Once playing football (international version where you really do not use your hands but I am so exceptional, I managed to break my wrist anyway. Sigh!)
The other time I broke my wrist was on a bar fight wrestling with a friend. (I was in another bar fight when I sucker-punched an annoying guy without breaking my hand - and without being arrested. I did get thrown out of the bar though.)

Both times with my right hand in a cast were very difficult.
Both times I have managed and I learnt to use my left hand more.
I still do try to use both hands as much as possible.
I type with both hands. I remote-control with both hands (so I can eat with my right and remote with the left if I want to.) I stir the porridge with my left. I try to brush my teeth with my left (which I can not do yet) and to unlock the door and turn the handle with my left (which I can do if I focus and look at my hands). It is handy in every day life to be ambidextrous.

It is good to train the left arm by just using it more in everyday jobs. I do not recommend breaking your hand just to do this (but most things have a silver lining and this is what I got from that.)
My ambition to increase my physical activities also has worked and I now have much stronger arms.

I also try to wipe the doors with the left hand. It takes somewhat longer time but it is really good exercise. I still have six to go though.

Can you use both hands? 


  1. I'm a leftie and that means having to be pretty ambidextrous as we live in a right handed world! I use right handed scissors with my right hand, but I can't use a rotary cutter or a knife with it. Definitely writing left hand only, plus like most left handed people I can write backwards fluently!

    1. All skills are useful! You'd think with all technical development scissors that could be used with both hands would be invented - I mean with either hand. Imagine cutting around something with the left and then going around the other direction with the right. So easy (it would be).

  2. You got into bar fights?? Hahahahahaha!
    Sorry, I just hadn't pictured that about you.

    1. Sorry-not sorry but I have skills! Have you never been in a bar fight? Not even with Heidi? Could you please tell the story?

  3. I was pulled away before any damage could be done. My friends didn't want me arrested.

  4. P.S. It's one of the reasons I haven't spend much time in bars in the last forty years.