Sunday, 16 April 2017


I steal pens.
I do not mean to. I really don't. I do not do it on purpose. But it is a fact.
If you lend me a pen, you are highly unlikely to see that pen again.
A pen in my hand stays in my hand and I will, unless I focus or you are attentive, leave with it.

This is socially not a large burden. Pens are spoils of war in office surroundings.
I however end up with a lot of pens at home.

Around 2010 and especially 2013, I started gathering all pens in all parts of the home, from all bags, and all drawers. They were stored in one place and one place only. I hoped this would enable me to use and use up the pens I have and possibly focus my attention on not bringing more pens home.
I also established a complete BUY BAN on pens. This buy ban has been in effect ever since!

Now, in 2017, I am finally low on pens. I have two pens in very odd colours that were bought to an office where I worked around 2005, in these rather unusual colours so that "the pens would never leave the archive". To this day, I hear the exasperated voice of the archivist who never had a pen available. We all vowed that these pens would never leave the desk in the archive.
I  have two.

I also have pens that I bought when I graduated in 1994 and left the university book store. I bought several because how could I ever possibly live without these special pens? I still have five (in three different colours). They are really very good pens.

I also have some very nice, brand name pens that unsuspicious people have lent me over the years.
Thankfully, none of them is VERY expensive. I have never managed to walk away with a something really good. But still, they are pens definitely bought to be used for special things. I have several.

But I am finally running low on cheap pens. I hardly have any pens left from hotels, conference centres, companies or brands. I have been very diligent the past few years to use up the non-special ones, one after another, and then throw them out. I go through the pens almost every year to make sure they still work and throw (or re-build) the ones that doesn't. (As a part-time student, I still take a lot of notes with pens.)
The good pens were bundled up and tucked away until the bad pens were used up.

I have started using the good pens now.
The enormous masses of pens has finally been reduced. I make no promises that I will not bring home more hotel pens or conference writing material but those days are past and very few of those pass my hands any more.
I can see the end to the excess. I can see the beginning of a life with very few pens in the house. The extravagant amounts of office material that I have accumulated over the year is reduced.
I can start dreaming about special pens again.

Does anybody have a pen to lend me?

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