Monday, 10 April 2017


Since 2013, I have strived to grow fresh herbs on our small balcony.
Mostly because the cost of fresh herbs that the man wants to use is just horrendous. Partly because I want to be self-sufficient. A bit is also that the man wants to grow flowers (flowers!!!) and I really have no patience spending time on items that I can not eat. (Forever the utilitarian.)

Currently, the man's apartment is in the middle of an enormous exterior renovation. Last fall the front was wrapped in scaffolding for months. Now the back - and our balcony - is covered by netting and scaffolding. The floor of the balcony will be removed any day now and we have had to move everything off it. Including the plum-tree that has spent the last three weeks in our living-room and absolutely LOVES it. She (we call her Prunie) is spreading all branches and displays a wonderful range of pink and white flowers over half of the room. It is beautiful. (We crawl around being bumble-bees pollinating as much as we can but we may probably not get any plums this year.)

Even if we do not know when we will have access to the balcony again, I have started germinating all an any seeds available in the house. They are all very old this year but maybe some will germinate and can be planted.

So far the tomato seeds have germinated (eight little seed spurts has gone into a seed pot) but the parsley has not. Neither has the dill, aubergine or the broccoli but they have not had much time yet either. There is still hope.

I germinate them on kitchen paper on a plate with plastic foil over in a shaded window (I have a lot of those right now) in a warm room (few of those available as we try to keep the heating as low as possible to not encourage Prunie to much).

I still have lots of different seeds to try out but all of them are quicker to grow and really should not stay indoors very long after starting to grow. We may after all not have access to the balcony until June.
Hopefully some of the seeds, already paid for and close to just being thrown out, can give us something home grown to eat later this year - or at least some skills.

Are you germinating? Your seeds.


  1. Not all seeds prefer light to germinate.

    1. What? No?? I have so much to learn - can you teach me more? Please..

  2. Is there no shared garden space outside? The roof, perhaps?

    1. There is space outside and it could be used for gardening I suppose, but we are in the middle of a major city after all and I'm not sure I'd like to eat things grown in this soil, with all the neighbourhood dogs and druggies.