Saturday, 15 April 2017

Shopping behaviour

I am starting to see a pattern.

I try to create conscious decisions for the future. I try to eliminate random purchases, influenced by marketing or promotions. I try to buy what I want for the price I want to pay for it - and I am willing to wait for the right moment.

Going through everything I own, identifying, counting, assessing and remembering, shows that I have not done this before too well.
That is what the list of jackets I own from yesterday tells me.

In the past I have bought, or have been given by the trash gods, jackets randomly.
I have grabbed them as they pass me by on the commercial roads. Many of them have been great purchases. For example the stylish coat ten years ago for €30 that I still use and will use another ten years is the best example. The five almost identical office jackets were more thought through purchases. (Or I bought one, loved it and went out to buy all I could find in my size in reasonable colours.) Many others are just great jackets that I still hold on to because I own them, can never replace and love - but not really must have.

Several of these have been bought on a whim.
The suede coat from Scotland. It is mine, it will not fit anybody else. It is just perfect. But I rarely wear it. Suede in a rainy country is not very suitable. It is also slightly too warm and bulky to wear as an indoor jacket. If I ever meet anybody who loves it as much as I do, I will gladly let this one move on.
The opera jacket from Shanghai. It is made to measure, it is perfect for its job, and solves all problems dressing for fancy opera, theatre or other similar events. But I really very rarely go to these events any more and with my increasing age, independence and (ehm) sophistication - when I go, I go in normal clothes and do not dress up any more. I'll be in the cheap seats anyway and times are changing - who cares what you wear to the opera! I could easily let this jacket move on too - any long-armed, wide-shouldered large sized woman out there in need of a black opera jacket?
The velvet tail coat. This is my new years eve jacket, my outdoor wedding jacket, my dress for the cultural events with the culture workers jacket. Put it on and I am turned into a cool, edgy, fun person - half Slade, half Adam and the Ants, half Downton Abbey. But it just doesn't fit perfectly over the shoulders and I am not skilled enough to fix it (not in velvet!) and so far not engaged enough to have somebody else do it well for money. I could survive without it.

All these jackets were bought on a whim. None of them were looked for, thought over, analysed or even contemplated before purchase. Not like the rain jacket in 2015 or the three-season jacket from 2016.
So I see a pattern of the past creating consequences now and for the future.

The plan for shopping already put in place must be followed: All purchases must be considered in advance. Spur-of-the moment purchases are usually not completely right. (I have more examples, and more recently too, unfortunately...)
Lesson learned:
Just because I have bought some lovely jackets over the years that I have managed to find a (theoretical) use for, does not mean that I should continue doing so. Enough is enough.
No more jackets. (period)
No purchases of really anything without a thought through plan. 
No purchase or anything over €20 without a 30 day waiting period.

I hope this will stop the random purchasing.

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