Sunday, 30 April 2017


One of my short term ambitions from March 2017 was to keep the routine of a daily walk.

Both for weight control, stamina, strength and to see things around me.
I need to keep track of my heart after the time when I rode the pling-plong taxi to the band-aid house and although I am cleared for running, I really never did get into running when I tried it before. It is just not my thing to exercise for sweat.

I do micro exercises, every so irregularly a session pilates on the living-room floor from a dvd and I hike with back-pack for vacation.
However, I do go for a walk most days.

Every day, the ambition is to go for a walk. Most days after work it happens and when he can, the man will come with me. We then do a walkie-talkie and get the stress and concerns of the day out of our heads. Most days when not working, either one of us will say Walkie? and like old dogs, the other will wag the tail, get out of the sofa and go for the shoes.

Usually the walk takes 20-40 minutes and goes around the neighbourhood. Sometimes adventures happen and it takes two hours or more to come home. We try not to eat out but we sometimes do the shopping or errands during the walks.
Mostly we just walk. Stomping, hand in hand, through the city, the parks, along the canals, going to see different sights or developments or places where buildings are coming up, or past the zoo to the the flamingos, or down the seedy neighbourhood to reclaim the streets and say hello to all the young men hanging on the streets.

The point with the walk is to introduce and keep medium-level physical activity into a daily routine.
The plan is to do it every day, every single day. It isn't more difficult than it can be done everyday. I hardly need a rest day to recuperate or such nonsense. There are immediate benefits mentally (de-stress, connect and consider my surroundings) and physically in the long run.
It took a very long time to find a way to have time and energy for exercise in a form that I could be comfortable with and feel like doing most days.

How do you get your daily activity?
This is my way.

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