Saturday, 8 April 2017


I have a goal for my weight.

I need to come down to 0. Not zero weight but down to the target weight. Not a goal weight, not a dream weight, not anything glamorous. But the target weight is what I am aiming for. It is a weight that I really shouldn't have passed at all but am now struggling to come back to.
I let it happen. I have to do the job. I have to do it now. If I gain any more, it will just be more difficult to remove it.

Currently I am a +4. I have four kilos to lose and keep away for ever.
I have been +9 and I have been +4 before.

Right now I am down to +4. During the month in Lisbon I got a lot of exercise. Lisbon is hilly and uneven so it is a constant aerobics exercise to walk around. Combining it with healthy food and the Portuguese portion sizes the weight stopped piling on and started coming off.
Did I really have to prove again that it is less food more exercise that makes the weight come off?

After that I spent almost two weeks on site and in the base. There I have to keep food very simple. I have no fridge and there is very little access to fast food (and I am picky and cheap so fast food is out anyway). When I came back to the man, we went to bed for a week in colds.

When I came back from Portugal, I made a few short-term goals with regard to food.
No meat, no alcohol and keeping the portion sizes Portuguese.
In the last month, I have had one glass of wine with friends. I have had meat three times (four including yesterday): one portion of grilled chicken, one main course of high-quality beef and at the airport I found myself gobbling at the tasting stand for salami - twice - until I remembered that salami is meat. (Duh!)

There has been a fantastic change. Not really on the scale, I am still on +4. But thighs are slimmer, belly less protruding, and waist a lot less.
I finally have a waist less than half of my height (this is apparently a simplified tool to measure bodies with). I also have a BMI within healthy again. 

Thank heavens, because I have to break out one of the old nice dresses from my old lifestyle and a pair of nice lady office shoes AND a pair of nylons (pantihose) for the nice party tonight.

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