Sunday, 23 April 2017


My wheels have been to service and for repairs.
I usually do most things myself but this I could not do. At lest I never got around to doing it.
A new gear box was clearly needed and with that new breaks.
I suppose that the new parts could just be slotted in as replacements for the old but I have been riding with bad gears and insufficient breaks for too long and something had to be done.

I found a repair man with a lazy eye and greasy hands who knew exactly what I wanted and what I did not need. He fixed everything in a few hours and left the broken back light for me to fix on my own whenever I get around to it. I paid him happily and instantly forgot about it. It was already budgeted in my joy-money.

I took the wheels out for a pure joy ride today. Riding hard past children, train crossings and past cyclists without fear as the brakes works perfectly.
Gear up, and up, up, up and up and faster and faster along the river.
The wind in my hair and sun in my eyes. Free falling with Tom Petty.

Did I mention that the only wheels I own is my bicycle?

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