Tuesday, 2 May 2017


One of my short term ambitions from March 2017 was to have a month without alcohol.
It was one of the easiest promises ever.
Except that I didn't quite make it.
During the month I had wine with a very special dinner with good friends. So I cheated.
It was worth it.

I didn't drink anything else that month. I still consider that ambition reached.
At the very last day of the month, I also went to that fancy party with free bar.
Just my kind of thing.
I still only managed two glasses of wine because of the bad coughing.
Good wine though.

At the end of the 30 days, we decided that the ambitions were done with and we bought wine for a weekend dinner.
Unfortunately the wine wasn't great. I didn't drink much of the bottle.
Some went into a sauce a few days after.

Since then, the weather is also cold, and although there is now both wine and beer in the house, we have not drunk it. I am now going past six weeks of the initiation of the ambitions and so far nothing more has been drunk. Warmer weather is coming though and normal routines will be resumed.

The best is that with this short term ambitions, we have managed removed or at least reduced the casual, conventional, routinely, repetitive drinking of wine with dinner or weekend.
It might come back, but it has been good to change the pattern.

I think the man misses his drink, he has a small whiskey occasionally.
Me, I am Viking. There is a different attitude to drink in my culture. 
I drink at parties and to get drunk.
If there is no party or I can't be drunk: I don't see the point in alcoholic drink. It really has to be good or I will not drink it.

So by now, with age and different lifestyle, I of course get drunk very quickly.
It is not pretty.
I want to listen to Lordi (try this Youtube if you dare) or ABBA, Kim Larsen or even A-ha. (But by then it is really time to go home).


  1. I keep looking for an appropriate (for me) ale bowl. I don't drink much either, but now and then I get a craving, but I rarely get past the point of a little buzz. Any more and I feel ill. I don't suppose you have an older identical twin sister that I could meet, do you? I don't care if she needs to lose 3 kilos, either.

    1. Keep your eyes open at the Norwegian-camp! There never were many of us but a lot have emigrated and are now available around the world.

  2. This really in deep, Vikings, drinking, Lordi and Abba. I stopped drinking for the very reasons you described, and still listen to Lordi and Abba. They must have fed us something up the in north.

    1. Agreed, drinking without axe, sauna, snow and general uproar is not worth it (and will indeed keep us alive so very much longer)!