Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Bought clothes 2017

So far in 2017 I have bought the following pieces of clothing.

2 micro-fibre long sleeved t-shirts
4 standard cotton t-shirts
1 vintage football jersey
2 wool hiking socks
1 blue t-shirt with buttons (trash find)
1 cotton striped long sleeved t-shirt
1 pair of full price original black Levis' 501 jeans

Total amount of money spent: €60
No, that does not add up. Not with a pair of Levis' being €90.

I take surveys on-line and get paid in gift cards which I use in one of my favourite department stores which supplies me with clothes, underwear and hygiene articles.
I also pick up clothes from trash piles, donation boxes and friends. I use the same criteria for those pick-ups as I do when buying in a store. There are more people out there (and with more normal sizes) who will take what will not fit or suit me.

The clothes are black, grey, white, blue, red and beige. (Not entirely according to plan but not far off.)
One is striped horizontally which I have not worn in many years but like. (That is according to plan.)

The bra is complementing, border-lining replacing the bras bought after thorough research in 2015. One is behaving strangely and is worn out. This is the one that has been used the most and treated the worst (hand washing in hotel rooms does not go easy on clothes). The second is still in the running but needed a companion.

My need for t-shirts is by now completely filled up and t-shirts join tank-tops on the list of NO BUY.
But I now have a range of different t-shirts in varied colours and materials for a multitude of uses (pyjama, sport, casual, work, and going out). Long- and short-sleeved, round- and V-necked, extra long as well as normal length. (The extra long t-shirts are worn with a shorter top or sweater, perhaps a top or a sweater that otherwise is too short to wear.)

The jeans replace the pair of black jeans (bought 2009) that I managed to get paint on two months ago when I did project pipes. I used a magic marker for clothing on the stain to be able to use them until I was ready for a new pair. (This pair will be left in the nest to be used as emergency/laundry trousers.) The new pair of jeans will also replace the previous pair of Levis' 501's bought 2010 that I love but any day expect to have my buttocks fall out of (although many and serious mending there really is very few threads left in the bum area). I will have do to a serious inventory of stock of my trousers, (Edit: I DID) but I think I will be fine for the rest of the year. I did after all manage to suit up in office gear some time ago so even if there isn't amount, there sure is versatility available.

I still plan to buy socks (black) this year (but not yet) unless my life-style changes which would probably require some sort of office clothes, but it isn't looking threatening at the moment. I would be fine for the first week though, I have handled party situations with existing clothing and otherwise I don't think I need anything else.

T-shirts go on the no-buy list while socks go on the wish-list, but I will wear out a few more before I buy ten identical new pairs.


  1. That is at least twice what we pay for 501s! Closer to three times if we get them on sale. I don't spend much on clothes either.

  2. Yep, international trade is not a free market and Europe is expensive because we insist on quality, safety and good working conditions... (or something).

  3. I think 501s are currently being made in Mexico. Supposed to be better quality denim from there.

    1. Mine are made in Pakistan for the EU market. Only the US wants to buy US-made.