Thursday, 11 May 2017

Buying clothes in 2017

Having gone through my clothes and discarding quite a bit, I know that I might need to buy (find) clothes during 2017.
Very little clothes have been bought the last five years. I am starting to wear out clothes and reducing the amounts. I went trough everything last year and did an ambitious project trying to wear out the worst which also has reduced the amounts. I now have very little that I do not use.

Reducing my weight a bit, at least temporarily, also has allowed me to dive into the bag with 'thin' clothes (the bag with 'fat' clothes have been used very much lately - sigh.)

I know that there will be a few needs coming up in the clothes section during 2017. Socks is one thing. Pyjama trousers is another. Or maybe I actually don't need anything?
I want to get the right things if I do get something, even if it is from the trash gods, so I have been amusing myself with planning what to buy. So that when or if I buy anything again it will fit with what I have and support my current lifestyle.
I need to consider colours. My wardrobe is quite monochrome and I want colours, that fit me and that fit the rest of the clothes. 

First decision is to stay away from pink, corals and even red. They make me happy to wear but really does not suit me. My pale skin goes ruddy red really quickly. A pink sweater with my blond hair and a ruddy cheeks makes me look like a piece of pork. The reds are also too strong from my lifestyle which is more low energy and low key. They also do not go with work, making me look to much as a fire extinguisher and really clashes with the high-viability vests.

I will also stay away from the blues. Most blues that is. I never wear blue jeans and up until about ten years ago, I never wore blue. Then I found periwinkle, lavender and royal blues. These nuances suit me really well and I can wear it every where. It is really limited to a few very specific blues though. And I have enough, there really isn't anything I need right now.

I love the greens, especially apple, lime and grass green green. They suit me and make me very happy. Not business like though and again the shade of green has to be exactly right or it goes very wrong. Most of my camping and outdoor gear is high-tech hunting gear that comes in florescent orange or forest green. I consequently already have a lot of forest green and really should not add more without joining the forestry service. Or join the army.
Orange is the monarchist colour of the Netherlands and although useful for football, it can only be worn specific days. And I am not an orangist monarchist. Nor do I support their national football team (although they sourly need support the poor sods.)

Yellow in general is not a colour that suits me and I have not worn it much since I left my teens.

So what does that leave me?
Browns,  greys and the beiges.
Check. Got all that.
(And all you artists out there can cringe as much as you want, when it comes to clothing, black and white are indeed colours.)

And patterns. I am left with patterns. 
I think I will attempt to aim for patterns. Something graphic, organic, non descriptive, certainly not text, brand or glitter. No stripes and no checkers unless it is gingham, glenchecks or pepita.
Very difficult but I think that the 1960s, Mary Quant and Mondrian could be inspirations.
I think that the right pattern could sort out the problem with colours.

I also want to look at fabrics. Texture in a garment brings just as much to clothes as the colour and their nuance does. Of course the garment also must be well-fitting, good quality but the fabric and its texture does make a difference. I want to stay away from 100% cotton, but rather aim for wool, silk, viscose or new high technical function materials that dry quickly and never smells. But they can not make me look like a hunter, camper, hiker or hobo. Still the garment must be something that enables me to go to a fancy restaurant if I want to without changing.

Combining these requirement, and within my budget (as low as possible and possible for nothing) should fulfil my goal for clothes.
It would give me clothes that I can wear for a very long time with minimum annoyance. 

It could possibly lead to a situation where I get NOTHING new at all.
That could be fine too.


  1. I buy very few clothes, but when I do I buy several of the same thing. This has one main problem; it looks as if I'm wearing the same clothes for months on end. In fact I probably have 8 outfits that are all EXACTLY the same.

    1. You are an extreme version of me - I buy all available colours of what I like (or at least two of the best one). Maybe you could stick 4 of the best outfits in storage for a few months and wear out the others and get good and bad sets to vary between?