Tuesday, 9 May 2017


We have counted and calculated our use of coffee.
Four packages of coffee, 500 gr, lasts us about three months, when we work.
This means that we use 12 packages of coffee a year, say 15 just to even it out.
15 packages of coffee cost us about €75.
Add to that about four pots of instant coffee through the year, say five to give margins.
That costs us about €20.
The rest of the coffee we drink is paid for by our respective offices or client.

We probably only go out for coffee once a month at home. Add generously speaking €10 per café visit a month (always with cake!), that makes another total €120 in a year. Just for café visits.
We never buy take-out-coffee unless we travel, and even then we sit and drink our coffee like civilized people.

Actually when travelling, take out coffee can be a relatively large part of our travel budget (buying coffee 24 times in 28 days). When hiking and camping though, we have the camping cooker with us, and always make morning coffee in the tent or drink it standing at the espresso bar to keep the price low.

Adding up, this would make an annual budget of €215 just for coffee. Minimum.
Out of which 55% minimum could be coffee in a café. With cake.
Those are horrific numbers!
If we also would have paid for take-out-coffee, the amount of money (AND calories) for just coffee would have sky-rocketed. We much rather save that money and spend it doing something we will remember.

These are the numbers we use when making the decision whether to have coffee immediately or to go home first and drink it there. Or go without.
(We drink tea, and a lot of other things too, but that is not coffee.)

How much do you spend a month on take-out-coffee?


  1. I am a Finn and there is nothing that gets between a Finn and his coffee. However, I agree that coffee had to be drank sitting down with relaxed setting and conversation or cake. Coffee is the only mood altering chemical that allow into my body any more.

    I calculated my take out coffee costs few weeks ago and figured that I can pay my son's orthodontist bill over two years. So I have dropped take out coffee. It is terrible amount money.

    When it comes to coffee, frugality does not come easy for me

    1. Good choice!! And yes, there were many Baltic raids (and loosing Viapori, sorry) due to the lack of coffee. But you don't have to use acorns or dandelion roots to keep the costs down, just stay off the expensive stuff. Use your smarts.

  2. I almost never drink coffee out as I rarely go out to eat. I'll often have a beer if it is evening, but rarely more than one. I spend about $10 to $15 per month on coffee and I have several cups every morning. The wife spends more, maybe twice as much, but she "needs" fancier coffee.

    1. Ah, yes, the wants transformed into needs, we all are guilty of using that old trick sometimes. Personally, I "need" a Porsche. Or Ferrari. Could do either.