Monday, 1 May 2017


There is at the moment very little I want to change in my life (except trying to loose those pesky +3 kilogrammes. It is not going too great at the moment but hey-ho, at least I have not gained.) Even the weather is decent. I suppose it could be warmer, the balcony renovation finished and some of my seeds and plants growing better. But it will do.

It is quite good right now. Family is alive, friends are doing well, the man is happy. Even school feels good, papers are progressing according to plan and the plan for the final thesis is developing. The job is a little boring but there is a glimmer of advancement or change at the end of the year. If not, I can just turn the computer off and look for other things to do. Such as finishing that final thesis (I expect to be in full academic panic by then.) I could look around for other involvements, perhaps permanently settling in the man's country. Perhaps get an allotment. All this is thought about the future and I am happy with right now. I do not need much. One of those things I do not need any more is a job. I want one though, I like what I do. But the shape and forms of it could be unconventional.  That is what financial independence does to you.

The financial independence number for the month of May is 34,68, meaning with my current low annual budget proving the current low fuss lifestyle, I could keep this up for 34,68 years. I am now not doing much to increase the numbers. I save the same amount every month that I have always done but with more money saved and invested, the interests and dividends are self-generating more assets.

I am very grateful to my forefathers who instilled a careful attitude to money in the family which I inherited as a child. We have always saved. I have always saved. Sometimes for a special cause. Most of the time just to have the ability to do things. I paid my own independent trip abroad at fifteen from my own money (it would not have happened otherwise). I left home at sixteen. I worked every summer and through school. I have never had a service job, always technical, dirty and well-paid. I held onto the money until I needed it. I have never been broke. I kept a buy ban for two years before I bought my house. I happily emptied it and sold it 2013 after ten happy years and did not buy a new one. I got rid of most of my belongings. I moved into the base and moved abroad again, and again. I lowered my expectations and got rid of the things I could not live without. I became free, reduced the expenses and invested the liberated funds.
That process took five years. The latest two years have only been growing the financial independence because life is good as it is and currently I ask for nothing more.
So I keep saving.


  1. What a lovely post! Being content with where one is now, with what one already has, is, I think, one of the best feelings in life. It's a lovely place to be in, even with a bit of extra weight to lose! I have peeked into a couple of your posts and have enjoyed reading them. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

    1. Thank you for dropping in, see you soon.
      And as the Icelandic say for goodbye - Bless